Chidi Oguamanam

Dr. Oguamanam joined the Faculty of Law at the University of Ottawa as an Associate Professor in July 2011 where he is affiliated with the Centre for Law, Technology and Society. He teaches Contract law, Intellectual Property and Human Rights, Agricultural Knowledge Systems, Biodiversity and Food Security. Before his academic career, Dr. Oguamanam practised intellectual property and corporate law prior to embarking on graduate studies at the University of British Columbia where he obtained his LL.M. and Ph.D. degrees in law. He began his academic career as a fellow of Canada Institutes of Health Research Program in Health Law and Ethics of Health Research at Dalhousie University in 2003. In 2004, he joined Dalhousie Law School (now Schulich School of Law) where he taught several courses including Contract and Judicial Decision-Making, Commercial Law (Sale of Goods), Law and Technology, Advanced Intellectual Property, Intellectual Property and Commercialization Placement, etc. In 2008, he became an adjunct professor at the Case Western Reserve Law School, Cleveland, OH where he taught Indigenous Peoples, Indigenous Knowledge and International Law. At Dalhousie University, Dr. Oguamanam had administrative responsibility as acting and subsequently the substantive director of the Law and Technology Institute (2007-2011).  He is called to the Bar in Nigeria and Canada and is a member of Nigerian Bar Association and Nova Scotia’s Barristers’ Society. Professor Oguamanam has diverse interdisciplinary research interests in the areas of global knowledge governance in general, especially as manifested in the dynamics of intellectual property and technology law with emphasis on biodiversity, biotechnology, including agricultural biotechnology. In addition to public speaking engagements nationally and internationally, Dr. Oguamanam provides technical and expert consulting and support services in his areas of work for states and sub-state actors, intergovernmental bodies, Indigenous and local communities in developed and newly industrializing countries and elsewhere. 

Chidi Ougumanam